Cytobase for Clinicians

CytoBase for Clinicians is an easy to use and secure web-based service for practitioners to access, with the permission of their patients, cervical cancer screening test results in real time. The purpose and benefit of the system is to make these data available for improved patient management.

How it Works

CytoBase for Clinicians can be accessed using any modern Internet browser; users only require a computer or tablet and an Internet connection. Prior to accessing data, the patient's consent must be obtained. After logging in using the "Clinician Portal" link on this web site front page, the patient must be uniquely identified and then the screening history may be obtained. The system first displays a summary of all results on file for that patient and then allows each report to be viewed in full.


Only registered users have access to CytoBase for Clinicians. Healthcare providers and their delegated authorized staff are eligible to apply for user accounts. To apply, please download the appropriate form, fill it out completely and send it by mail to Inscyte Corporation at the contact address.

Application Form for Healthcare Providers (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners)
Application Form for Delegated Staff (sponsored by healthcare providers)

Applications must also include:

  • A copy of a photo-identification (e.g. Hospital ID or photo driver's license).
  • Your CPSO License Number
  • Your OHIP Physician number
  • Your Liability Insurance Carrier (e.g. CMPA) and Policy Number.
  • The application form is signed and dated.

Please ensure that the following are also included on the Delegate application: The Provider's Name, CPSO License Number and signature as sponsor of the Delegate.