CytoBase is a centralized database that contains the results of cervical cancer screening tests performed throughout Ontario by the member laboratories. It is a population-wide electronic health record for cervical cancer screening in Ontario.

The personal health information that Inscyte Corporation collects is used for improving patient care and serves four purposes:

  1. CytoBase provides patient-centric historical test results to laboratory personnel that are reading new Pap tests, regardless of where in Ontario the previous tests were performed. Since cervical cancer is a slowly progressing disease, the availability of historical results on individual women is important in the interpretation of new smears. Also, historical results are essential for laboratory quality assurance and for planning patient follow-up.
  2. CytoBase supports the work of the Ontario Cervical Cancer Screening Program, which is administered by Ontario Health. Screening test results received from participating laboratories are forwarded to Ontario Health on a daily basis for incorporation into Ontario Health's Integrated Cancer Screening system (ICS).
  3. CytoBase produces monthly physician reminder letters to ensure that women are tested at appropriate intervals and that women with abnormal results receive follow-up in the appropriate time frame. Written reminder letters are delivered to physician offices by member laboratories courier networks.
  4. Personal health information in CytoBase may be periodically aggregated to produce de-identified statistics describing the utilization and trends of cervical cancer screening in Ontario.