Overview of the CytoBase System

The CytoBase system constitutes a patient oriented computerized medical record of Pap tests performed on patients in the Province of Ontario.

Diagnostic data is provided to the CytoBase system by participating laboratories, hospitals, and clinics performing cervical cytology tests. This information is provided on a patient-identified case by case basis. The data is typically transmitted to the CytoBase system using electronic means.

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of this information, data is provided in a standardized format which incorporates the ANSI Health Level 7 (HL7) messaging standard. The format also includes a standardized and encoded diagnostic nomenclature and classification system, developed specifically for CytoBase in collaboration with the Ontario Cervical Screening Collaborative Group, to uniformly capture the medical content of all Pap results, thereby removing any ambiguity that may otherwise result from a multiplicity of report styles.

At its inception, connection and use of the CytoBase system is restricted to authorized laboratories and the Ontario Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation. All laboratories and clinics participating in the CytoBase system are required to formally register with INSCYTE Corporation. This process includes signing a Site License Agreement outlining in detail the obligations and responsibilities of the reporting site and INSCYTE Corporation with respect to access, utilization, privacy and confidentiality. In addition, each user designated by a reporting site, and all other employees having access to INSCYTE data, must sign a formal Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement to safeguard the confidential nature of CytoBase information.

INSCYTE Corporation assumes all responsibility for data integrity, security, and confidentiality while the data are in its possession. The procedures and protocols in place are intended to:

  • provide guidelines to protect the privacy of patients and practitioners whose information is contained within the database
  • ensure the highest integrity, accuracy, and availability of information to authorized users.
  • prevent the unauthorized use of and/or dissemination of the data
  • provide reliable and accurate information to authorized users in a timely and professional manner