CytoBase for Clinicians


CytoBase for Clinicians is an easy to use and secure web-based service for practitioners to access, with the permission of their patients, cervical cytology results in real time. The purpose and benefit of the system is to make these data available for patient management. CytoBase itself is an electronic medical record of over 80% of screening cervical cytology reports processed in Ontario.

CytoBase for Clinicians is provided under the aegis of INSCYTE Corporation - a non-profit partnership of medical laboratories and Cancer Care Ontario.

How it Works

CytoBase for Clinicians is accessed through the Microsoft Explorer (version 5 or higher) web browser. In addition to the browser, the user requires only a personal computer and an Internet connection.

Prior to accessing data, the patient's consent must be obtained. After logging in through the INSCYTE web site front page, the patient must be uniquely identified on the system and then the cytology history may be obtained. The system first displays a summary of all results on file for that individual and then allows each report to be viewed in full.

Security and Confidentiality

About SSL Certificates:

The protection of the privacy of patient information is of the utmost importance and is effected by both policy and technology. Users must be registered with INSCYTE Corporation and are required to have an account and a personal identifier in order to use the service.

All data are encrypted during transmission. Patients must be uniquely identified and the system will not permit browsing. The fact that patient consent has been obtained for data access must be explicitly indicated. All interaction with the system is logged and audited.

User Registration

Only registered users have access to CytoBase for Clinicians. The registration process commences with an application to INSCYTE Corporation and includes a verification of credentials and a formal approval process. Clinicians and their authorized staff are eligible to apply for user status. Registration is renewable, generally on an annual basis. Registration forms are available from INSCYTE Corporation.

Application Forms for CytoBase for Clinicians

Inscyte is pleased to provide you with the application forms to register to access the CytoBase for Clinicians web site.

There are two types of application forms,Provider and Delegate.

The Provider form is for the provider of medical service, who is responsible for the patient; the Delegate form is for any delegate staff who access CytoBase for Clinicians on the Provider's behalf.

The protection of the privacy of patient information is of the utmost importance and is effected by both policy and technology. In this regard it is important that the registration application forms are completed fully. Please ensure that the following are included on the Provider Application:

  • A copy of a photo-identification (e.g. Hospital ID or photo driver's license).
  • Your CPSO License Number
  • Your OHIP Physician number
  • Your Liability Insurance Carrier (e.g. CMPA) and Policy Number.

The application form is signed and dated. Please ensure that the following are included on the Delegate application: ¨ The Provider's Name, CPSO License Number and signature as sponsor of the Delegate.

Application Forms
Click on the appropriate application form to download

Application for Clinicians

Application for Authorized Staff